Our Objective

We are working to strengthen micro, small and medium enterprises as well as organizations working in the non-profit and humanitarian space. We help organizations streamline their business processes by integration technology and automation so that they can focus on serving their markets. We help integrate machine learning and Artificial Intelligence using your data to improve your responsiveness to your clients.

A decade ago, we decided to push for access and quality of health and social services by integrating innovations and technology (thus AQUITY) to reach the last mile where millions of people at the bottom of the pyramid continued to have difficulties accessing high quality services. We helped establish local and regional groups to integrate programmatic and technological innovations in ongoing programs.

COVID-19 has shown that health and socioeconomic disparities still pose challenges to many in both developed and developing nations in accessing health and social services. We remain passionate about making a difference in peoples’ lives and will continue our journey through AQUITY Business Solutions to accelerate innovations to impact development in health, social and small business sectors through our cost effective business solutions.

We treat clients as partners to ensure we can understand their challanges.

We work together hand-to-hand with clients until we meet their expectations.